What is Trucks Track?

TrucksTrack.com is an online community for foodies and a directory for food trucks in the Kingdom of Bahrain. It allows visitors to view information about food trucks such as cuisine, menu and current location.  As a food truck owner you can register your food trucks business on TrucksTrack.com and have your own dedicated profile page. Your food trucks information will be available to the public on www.trluckstrack.com website and Trucks Track App on Apple Store and Google Play.

What is meant by registration on TrucksTrack.com?

Registrations are for food truck business owners. It allows you to register your food truck profile page on TrucksTrack.com

Who can register TrucksTrack.com?

Food trucks business owners can register on the TrucksTrack.com website.

What if my food truck is already submitted and someone else is managing it?

If your food truck business has already been submitted by someone else and you want to claim ownership, you can always submit a request to claim your business which we will then go through a validation process to reclaim your food truck.

Can I edit my food truck information on TrucksTrack.com?

Yes, you can always edit the information on TrucksTrack.com through your profile page.

Is the registration free?

The registration is currently 100% free of charge.

Are there any hidden charges?

No, there are no hidden charges.

How can my food truck be featured on TrucksTrack.com?

If you would like to be featured on TrucksTrack.com you can contact us on featureme@truckstrack.com

How can TrucksTrack.com help me to promote my food truck business?

TrucksTrack.com will help promote your business by featuring, listing and boosting your food truck through the growing customer base of the website and mobile app. We are adding new features on regular basis.

I have two or more trucks, how can I add these in the same Account?

You can add your own multiple food trucks under your account, currently there is no limitations.

Can my food menu be added on TrucksTrack.com listing?

Yes, your food truck menu can be added to TrucksTrack.com along with pictures of your menu items, description and pricing.

How long until my food truck is approved for listing on TrucksTrack.com?

Your food truck can be approved for listing within 2 business days.

Does TrucksTrack.com offer delivery services?

We are working with local food delivery partners to start food delivery for food trucks in the near future.

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